Unico Design Services


1) High degree of Expertise in High speed PCB designs.

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Unico Design Services offers a great place to work for the talented

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PCB Layout , Schematic and Library , SI Analysis and Thermal Analysis

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  • High degree of Expertise in High speed PCB designs.
  • High speed digital, Analog, mixed digital/analog, RF designs.
  • High Layer count (20 layers), Ultra High density designs.
  • In house and onsite support.
  • Around 1000 complex board Designed
  • Components creations as per IPC 7351 & IEEE Standards.
  • All high-speed interface routing experience
  • Innovative Designs includes 0.5 mm Fine pitch BGAs
  • Designs with Micro Vias, Blind Vias, Buried Vias and back drill.
  • Single sided, 2 layer and Multilayer till 20 Layers PCB’s Designed.
  • Fine Line Design Technologies – 3mil/3mil
  • Supporting Fabrication process
  • Co-ordinate with assembly unit
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Design Analysis and implementation of timing critical designs
  • 4Gbps routing experience