Unico Design Services


1) High degree of Expertise in High speed PCB designs.

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Unico Design Services offers a great place to work for the talented

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PCB Layout , Schematic and Library , SI Analysis and Thermal Analysis

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UDS is experienced in cutting-edge technologies and access to latest tools; we can do SI / EMI analysis for the PCBs we design and third party designs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Pre-route and post-route SI Analysis
  • Reflection Waveform Analysis and determination of termination scheme.
  • Generation of layout constraints & guidelines.
  • crosstalk analysis
  • Propagation delay and timing analysis
  • Eye Diagram Analysis
  • Multi-board analysis
  • Verification by extraction of actual PWB parasitic.
  • Placement optimization based on signal flow & trace length requirement of the specific interface.
  • Layer stack up recommendation.


  • Board Level Thermal Design, simulation and analysis
  • PCB data import through IDF files available from all EDA tools.
  • Component Junction and case temperature computation.
  • Thermal profiles generation for components and PCB